Angepinnt Sengoku Basara X Cross - System/Character Introduction

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    • Sengoku Basara X Cross - System/Character Introduction

      Capcom Official Site:

      Discussion Forum:

      Maker: Arc System Works + Capcom
      Motherboard: System 256
      Release Date: April 2008


      7 / 8 / 9
      4 / 5 / 6
      1 / 2 / 3

      A B C

      A = Weak attack
      B = Medium attack
      C = Strong attack
      E = Engun (assist button)

      Basic System
      Dash: 66
      Back Dash: 44
      Air Guard: Hold 4 or 1 when attacked while in air
      Air Dash: Tap 66 or 44 while in the air
      Double Jump: Tap up during a jump
      High Jump: Tap down, then up.
      Throw: close to opponent 4/6+C
      Air Throw: close to opponent while in the air 4/6+C
      Tech Hit: attack button while reeling in the air.

      Chain Combo: A -> B -> C

      You can use this basic combo chain during standing, crouching or jumping.

      Blast Attack: B+C (hold)

      Blast opponent across the screen, hold towards to pursue. Max charged version guard crushes opponent and pushes them to the wall.

      Unblockable Attack: 6+B+C (1/2 BASARA Gauge)
      Unblockable. Staggers.

      Aerial Attack: 2+B+C

      Hold up to pursue for combos.

      Aerial Spike: During Aerial Attack, 2+C
      A special attack that knocks opponent down.

      One-Hit BASARA Activation: When One-Hit gauge is lit, A+B+C

      You can do One-Hit BASARA move afterward. And you can only do that move once per round.

      Perfect Guard: (air) 4+A+B

      It drains BASARA Gauge, push back effect is greater, prevents chip damage and decreasing Guard Gauge, block air unblockable attacks, and increases player' health (only the blue segment).

      Just Defense: Block an attack just before it hits

      Block stun significantly reduces, push back effect is minimized, doesn't reduce Guard Gauge, will increases BASARA gauge.

      Guard Cancel Attack: Block, then 6+B+C (1 BASARA gauge stock)

      Damage is low, but changes offense/defense dynamic when it succeed.

      Energy Gauge: The players' health is indicated by orange life bars on the top of the screen. When that runs out you lose the round. A portion of all inflicted damage is shown as a blue segment of the life bar. It's possible for that portion to recover by doing Perfect Guard.

      Guard Gauge: The small blue bar right below the Energy Gauge is the Guard Gauge. This is depleted as you block attacks. When it reaches zero you'll suffer a guard crush and become briefly unable to block.

      BASARA Gauge: Used to perform super moves, etc, the BASARA Gauge is all the way at the bottom of the screen. You can hold five stocks in total.

      One-Hit Gauge: It will gradually turn red as you attack opponent with certain special / BASARA moves, and counterhit of normal / special moves. Once it's full it will flicker, you can do One-Hit BASARA preparation afterward.

      Engun System

      Engun summon -> Engun travelling -> Engun arrived -> Engun assessable

      Engun start out at Lv.1 and level up automatically as time progresses. Engun Lv generally increase 1 Lv per second before Engun Summon.

      The first time that you press the E button, you'll summon the engun and their level will be fixed at the current point for the rest of the match. A blue meter appears (with a horse) that indicates how much time remains until they arrive; the higher the Engun level, the longer this takes.

      Once engun arrived, you will see this. Then a meter will appear below their portrait and you can use a variety of abilities as long as it isn't empty.

      The strength of these abilities is influenced by the engun level as follows:

      Level 1

      Weak Engun Attacks. Only 1/3 of the engun meter available.

      Level 50

      Medium strength Engun Attacks. 2/3s of engun meter available.

      Level 100

      Maximum strength Engun Attacks. The entire engun meter is available for Engun abilities.

      When you use an engun atttack, it depletes the meter. It fills up over time if you don't do any engun actions.

      When Engun meter reaches MAX, that means you do Engun attacks three times in a row at maxmium (Lv 100).

      A red 'X' appears over their portrait when engun abilities are unavailable (if the meter is empty, etc.)

      Engun Attack

      Having summoned your engun, press the E button to have them attack your opponent. These attacks become stronger as you level up. As long as your engun meter isn't empty, you can use Engun Attacks in succession; even if they're currently attacking, press the button again to cancel their recovery and have them repeat their attack.

      Engun Aerial
      An engun attack that you can perform in the air. Your engun launches opponent up.

      Engun Assist

      Press E during certain Basara moves to use an Engun Assist. The timing here varies from one move to the next. Your engun will join in on the assault and add extra hits. This requires a Basara stock.

      Engun Counter

      Press E while taking damage to have your engun leap out and counter attack your opponent. Note that uses an engun meter, as well as a Basara stock. It lowers 30 Engun level for each use.

      Engun Block

      If your opponent uses an Engun Counter press E quickly to call your engun out to defend against their counter attack. This also requires a BASARA stock.
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    • Location Test Videos

      2007/7/25~26 プラサカプコン吉祥寺店

      Keiji vs Masamune

      Kenshin vs Yukimura

      Keiji vs Yukimura & Kenshin

      2007/9/13~15 Am Show

      Yukimura vs Yukimura

      2007/9/16~18 秋葉原Hey、池袋GIGO

      Honda vs Hideyoshi

      Keiji vs Honda & Yukimura

      Masamune vs Kenshin

      Honda vs Kenshin

      Hideyoshi vs Yukimura

      2007/11/17~18 秋葉原Hey、池袋GIGO

      Oichi & Nobunaga vs Motochika

      2007/12/15~16 秋葉原Hey

      Motochika vs Mouri

      Kenshin vs Mouri

      Motochika vs Mouri

      Kenshin vs Mouri & Yukimura
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Thanks for the well made guide.
      It will help a lot players to handle the game and improve their skills.

      Don't be suprisied about the threads location. I moved and sticked it.

      SFIII, da bin ich dabei.
    • hey there tian, nice to see you post on hardedge. see you over at sengoku free forums & dustloop, cheers.
      du bist eine schade für beat em ups :) Komm mal in tekken6 dann zeig ich dir 17 hit sample move mit deviljin
      wenn du tekken hast zock nächstes ma mit mir da das spamm in tekken6 nich geht da man es kontert und dabei nen combo move zu kombinieren :)

      cheat cheat, niemand will mit dich spielen, patetic playing
    • AtTheGates schrieb:

      hey there tian, nice to see you post on hardedge. see you over at sengoku free forums & dustloop, cheers.
      Too bad I don't know German that much:S , so don't mock at me in German because I don't understand it at all :P . This forum looks very nice, I'd like to know if there is any famous arcade or fighting game event in German? I am really curious about German fighting community now. Please tell me!

      Okay more to come later!

      Here is the command list, don't leave home without it :D

      Date Masamune
      Engun: Katakura Kojuurou
      JET-X     ↓↘→ + A hold (Air)
      DEATH FANG     →↓↘ + B hold (Air)
      MAGNUM STEP     ↓↙← + C
      WAR DANCE     ↓↘→ + B, B rapidly
      RE-BITE     ↓↙← + A
      PHANTOM DIVE     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      HELL DRAGON     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      HELL END DRAGON     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Sanada Yukimura
      Engun: Takeda Shingen & Sarutobi Sasuke
      Koen Ichi     ↓↘→ + A hold
      Koen Ni     ↓↘→ + B
      Koen San     →↓↘ + C hold (Air)
      Suzakushou     ↓↙← + C (Air)
      Rekka     ↓↙← + B -> ↓↙← + B
      Daikaen Hanabi     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Shakunetsu Enouha     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Nekketsu! Daihunka!     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Maeda Keiji
      Engun: Maeda Toshiie & Matsu
      Yoko Renbo     ↓↘→ + A hold
      Koi no Togegoe     ↓↙← + A/B
      Hitori Zumou     close to opponent ↓↘→ + C
      Koi no Saya-ate     ↓↙← + C
      Shitakogare     ↓↘→ + B hold
      Koi no Arashi     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Hitome Bore     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Matsuri da! Wasshoi!     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Uesugi Kenshin
      Engun: Kasuga
      Shin-na (Chi)     ↓↘→ + A
      Shin-na (Ten)     ↓↘→ + B
      Shinshou      →↓↘ + B (Air)
      Shinjin     ↓↙← + C hold
      Shinsoku     ↓↘→ + C
      ⇒ Shinzan     A
      ⇒ Shin-en     B
      Shinpan (Chi)     ↓↙← + A
      Shinpan (Ten)     ↓↙← + B
      Shinkyou     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Shinretsu     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Shiniki     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Oda Nobunaga
      Engun: Nouhime & Mori Ranmaru
      Enrai Harukanari     ↓↘→ + A (Air)
      Yakusai no Toge     ↓↘→ + C
      Ugatareru Shinku (Yoh)     after standing guard, A/B/C
      Ugatareru Shinku (In)     after crouching guard, A/B/C
      Doukoku suru Tamashii     ↓↙← + C
      After collecting souls
      Hadou     ↓↙← + A
      Sange     ↓↙← + B
      Shi ni Itaru Yamai     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
      Kurushi wo Kuramu Kurenai     ↓↙←↓↙← + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Shikabane ni Otsuru Shiro     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Toyotomi Hideyoshi
      Engun: Takenaka Hanbei
      Denkou Rekki     close to opponent ↓↙← + A
      Kaijin Ranka     ↓↘→ + A/B
      Tenchi Sousou     →↓↘ + B
      Haja Shouten     ↓↙← + B・B (rapidly)・C
      Ifuubanjou     ↓↙← + C hold
      Enbugouhaku     close to opponent ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Kongou Hametsu     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Hadou Tenshou     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Mōri Motonari
      Engun: Mōri Army Soldiers
      Hajiki Te "Heki"     ↓↘→ + A/B, →↓↘ + A/B hold (Air)
      Sen no Te "Hatsu"     ↓↙← + A/B/C
      Madoi no Te "Kyo"     after Rei - Kyojitsu Secchi, ↓↓ + C
      Rei - Kyojitsu Secchi      ↓↓ + E
      Rei - Yumihei (Zensha)     ↓↘→ + E
      Rei - Yumihei (Jousha)     ↓↙← + E
      Rei - Yarihei (Zenshin)     E
      Rei - Yarihei (Joushou)     →↓↘ + E
      Rei - Yarihei (Kakou)     ←↓↙ + E
      Kinji Te "Baku"     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Hasami Te "Heki"     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Mōri Gun Shukyoku Saihai     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Chousokabe Motochika
      Engun: Mechanical Weapons
      Isshoku     ↓↘→ + A
      Dokyuu     →↓↘ + A/B, ←↓↙ + A/B, ↓↘→ + B (Air)
      ⇒ Kyuutome      A
      ⇒ Kaiten     B
      ⇒ Rakka     C
      Mechanical Weapon Production Demands
      Niohkuruma     Engun Lv.1~ & 3000 Gold, E + A
      Mokki     Engun Lv.50~ & 5000 Gold, E + B
      Mekki     Engun Lv.100 & 10000 Gold, E + C
      Gora - Ichigeki     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Gora - Nigeki     ↓
      Shibaku     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Sennichi Kouro     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Engun: Azai Nagamasa
      Mamore Ne no Nushi - Yoh     The same time opponent attacks, →
      Mamore Ne no Nushi - In     The same time opponent attacks, ↓
      Hirake Ne no Koku     →↓↘ + A
      Utsuro     A
      Umi      B
      ?????       → + B
      Shoku     C
      Nageki     ↓ + C
      ??????     ↓↙← + C
      Madoe Hi no You - Yoh     air ↓↘→ + B
      Madoe Hi no You - In     air ↓↙← + B
      Kobame Hi no Uzu - Yoh     ↓↘→ + B
      Kobame Hi no Uzu - In     ↓↙← + B
      Tsudoene no Yume     ↓↙←↓↙← + C (Air)
      Kimarehi no Ame     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Itareshi no Fuchi     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      Honda Tadakatsu
      Engun: Tokugawa Ieyasu
      Normal Bomb     ↓↘→ + A/B/C (Air)
      ⇒ Time Bomb     →↓↘ + A/B/C
      Floating Bomb     After Ieyasu arrived ↓↙← + A/B/C
      Flying Mode     After Ieyasu arrived ←↓↙ + A (Air)
      Sengoku Drill     air ↓↓ + B
      Electric Field     ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Super Drill     ↓↘→↓↘→ + C (Engun ASSIST)
      Sengoku Saikyou - Saidai Shutsuryoku     ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:

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    • yeah, we have annual tournaments, B3C in Stuttgart being the most famous one - last year, the whole european guilty gear elite was present, minus 1-2 players. france, sweden, slowenia, austria, greece and many more.
      check out the international forum for details =)

      btw. i'm gonna play kenshin. since there is no ninja i have to take the ice dude.
      du bist eine schade für beat em ups :) Komm mal in tekken6 dann zeig ich dir 17 hit sample move mit deviljin
      wenn du tekken hast zock nächstes ma mit mir da das spamm in tekken6 nich geht da man es kontert und dabei nen combo move zu kombinieren :)

      cheat cheat, niemand will mit dich spielen, patetic playing
    • Date Masamune
      Engun: Katakura Kojuurou

      7 8 9      
      4 5 6      
      1 2 3     

      A B C

      A = Weak
      B = Medium
      C = Strong
      E = Engun

      Special Move

      JET-X: 236 + A hold (Air)

      Projectile that flies straight ahead. Hold the button down to power up and add extra hits.

      DEATH FANG: 623 + B hold (Air)

      Climbing anti-air attack that is air unblockable. You can hold the button to delay its execution.

      MAGNUM STEP: 214 + C

      Masamune charges forward and attacks with electrical energy. He has super armor while moving that lets him ignore his opponents' attacks.

      WAR DANCE: 236 + B

      Masamune attacks repeatedly with his six swords. Keep tapping the button for extra hits.

      RE-BITE: 214 + A

      Counter vs. high/mid level attacks, jump up to pursue when it succeed.

      BASARA Move

      PHANTOM DIVE: 214214 + C

      Leaping attack followed by a lightning burst. Quick enough to be used in combos and for interrupting your opponents' attacks.

      HELL DRAGON (Engun Assist)
      HELL DRAGON: 236236 + C

      Masamune fires a giant ball of electrical energy. When used in conjunction with an Engun Assist, Katakura Kojuurou will add an extra attack.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      HELL END DRAGON: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one hit kill. The electric dragon comes out quickly and easy to use in combo.

      Engun Attack

      At Lv 1, Kojuurou does a stab charge.

      At Lv50, the stab deals 2 hits.

      At Lv100, thunder element is added.
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:

      Chosokabe Motochika

      About Booty
      Treasure chests will periodically be placed in front of Motochika. Hit these to collect coins that can then be spent on karakuri ("mechanisms.")

      Isshoku ↓↘→ + A
      Motochika aims a long range anchor attack at his opponent's legs. Pull back on the joystick after this move hits to pull them in. Hold down A to delay.

      Dokyu →↓↘ + B
      Can be done in the air. Motochika rides his anchor like a surfboard. Follow up with:
      Kaiten / Rakka ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
      The former a flaming spin attack that launches your opponent. The latter a quick, diving overhead.

      Karakuri Heiki Seisan Yousei ↓↙← + A or B or C
      Motochika manufactures (?) a mechanical weapon that attacks his opponent. Three levels of strength have increasingly high Engun Level and Gold requirements.

      Gora: Ichigeki ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      Gora: Nigeki ↓
      BASARA attack. Flaming uppercut attack that staggers on hit, leaving your opponent vulnerable to the Nigeki follow-up.

      Shibaku ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
      BASARA attack. Engun Assist OK. Motochika sets a trap in the ground that ensnares his opponent when it hits. They'll be unable to move for a moment.

      Sen-nichi Kourou ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
      BASARA one-hit kill. Motochika throws a map into the air that catches on fire when it touches his opponent. Good anti-air.

      Oda Nobunaga

      Enrai Haruka ↓↘→ + A
      Shotgun blast. A standard projectile. Can be done in the air.

      Yakusai no Toge ↓↘→ + C
      Nobunaga causes a multitude of swords to fly out of the ground at his opponent. Hold the button down for more hits.

      Ugatareru Shinku - You/In As you block, A or B or C
      After blocking an attack, Nobunaga counters with his cape. You must push the same button that your opponent did.

      Doukoku suru Tamashii ↓↙← + C
      Nobunaga begins to glow with a red aura and he uses damage inflicted on his opponent to create motes of spirit energy (up to three.)
      Hadou/Sange ↓↙← + A or B
      Use the motes for follow-up attacks.

      Ku o Hamu Kurenai ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
      BASARA attack. Nobunaga grabs his opponent out of the air with his cape and then roasts them with a column of flame.

      Shi ni Itaru Yamai ↓↙←↓↙← + C
      BASARA attack. Engun Assist OK. Nobunaga brings his sword down with an unblockable swipe. Creates three spirits when it hits.

      Shi ni Otsuru Shiro ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
      BASARA one-hit kill. Nobunaga sits on a throne of skulls and shoots an eye beam at his opponent. After this hits, he stabs his sword into the ground and blows up the whole scene.…ra-x-scoop-motochika.html


      1. ku ku ku
      2. lalalalalalalalalalalalala
      3. [19:19] <yay`LoL> arbeiten

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    • Sanada Yukimura
      Engun: Sarutobi Sasuke and Takeda Shingen

      Special Move

      Koen Ichi: 236 + A hold

      Yukimura moves forward and takes a swipe at his opponent. Follow up with Koen Ni or Koen San.

      Koen Ni: 236 + B

      Low attack with a flaming spear that knocks down. Can be used by itself or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi.

      Koen San: 623 + C hold (Air)

      Rising attack. Can be used by itself (for anti-air, etc.) or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi or Koen Ni.

      Suzakushou: 214 + C (Air)

      Leaping overhead attack. The ground and air versions have different animations.

      Rekka: 214 + B -> 214 + B

      Yukimura attacks repeatedly with spear thrusts. Excellent speed and reach make this good combo material. Follow up with extra input for more hits and a special finish.

      BASARA Move

      Daikaen Hanabi: 214214 + C

      Basara move, Yukimura creates a circle of fire that travels diagonally upward. The initial spear twirling animation hits, so this move works up close, too.

      灼熱炎鳳覇 (Engun Assist)
      Shakunetsu: 236236 + C

      Basara move, Multi-hitting horizontal blast of fire. Can be enhanced with an Engun Assist.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Nekketsu! Daihunka!: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one-hit kill move.

      Engun Attack[/size]

      At Lv1, Sasuke leaps and attacks with his large shuriken.

      At Lv50, he has one kagebunshin that adds 1 hit (the attack is 2 hits).

      At Lv100, he'll add one more kagebunshin (the attack becomes 3 hits).
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Maeda Keiji
      Engun: Matsu and Maeda Toshii

      Special Move

      Yoko Renbo: 236 + A hold

      Big swiping attack. The max charged version causes Guard break.

      Koi no Togegoe: 214 + A/B

      Keiji plants his weapon in the ground and does a pole vault kick.

      Hitori Zumou: close to opponent 236 + C
      Command grab, Keiji can do combo afterward.

      Koi no Saya-ate: 214 + C

      Keiji tosses his scabbard in a parabolic arc. The spinning projectile covers a lot of area so it works well against airborne or distant enemies, but it misses if they're close.

      Shitakogare: 236 + B hold

      Low stabbing attack. This move is slow but it has terrific range. The max charged version is unblock able aerial attack, hold up to pursuit.

      BASARA Move

      Koi no Arashi: 214214 + C

      Basara move, Keiji creates a giant whirlwind.

      一目惚れ (Engun Assist)
      Hitome Bore: 236236 + C

      Basara move, Ground slam attack with huge range. After Keiji brings his weapon down, rubble adds additional hits. Engun Assist OK.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Matsuri da! Wasshoi!: 2141236 + C

      Basara one-hit kill.

      Engun Attack

      At Lv 1, Matsu calls her mole to attack the enemy from below.

      At Lv50, she'll summon 2 moles (2 hits).

      At Lv100, she'll summon 3 moles (3 hits).
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Uesugi Kenshin
      Engun: Kasuga

      Special Move

      About Freezing
      Some of Kenshin's moves cause a freezing affliction when they connect. Victims turn very pale and their attacks are slowed down. They can still move around normally, however. The effect wears off after a set amount of time.

      神雫(地) / 神雫 (天)
      Shin-na (Chi): 236 + A
      Shin-na (Ten): 236 + B

      Ice projectile. The weak version travels horizontally while the medium version travels diagonally upwards. Neither inflicts any damage; instead Shin-na causes freezing on contact.

      Shinshou: 623 + B (Air)
      Climbing anti-air attack.

      Shinjin: 214 + C hold

      Kenshin causes a column of ice to rise up from the ground. Hold the button down to make the column larger. Causes freezing even when blocked.

      Shinsoku: 236 + C

      Kenshin rushes forward very quickly. Press weak or medium attack to follow up.

      Shinzan: after Shinsoku, A

      A low attack causes freezing on block.

      Shin-en: after Shinsoku, B

      An overhead attack causes freezing on hit.

      神反(地) / 神反(天)
      Shinpan (Chi): 214 + A
      Shinpan (Ten): 214 + B

      Kenshin moves forward in a defensive pose. If his opponent attacks he'll counter with a slash attack. Shinpan Chi counters low attacks. Shinpan Ten works against medium and high attacks. Even if the counter is unsuccessful, the initial move causes freezing on contact!

      BASARA Move

      Shinkyou: 214214 + C

      Ice blast attack. If Kenshin's opponent attacks as he's starting this move he'll attack with an even more damaging ice slash. The slash causes freezing on any contact.

      神烈 (Engun Assist)
      Shinretsu: 236236 + C

      After charging forward, Kenshin slashes his opponent repeatedly. Use in conjunction with an Engun Assist for bigger combo possibilities.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Shin-iki: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one-hit kill.

      Engun Attack

      At Lv 1, Kasuga attacks with her kunai.

      At Lv50, you can hold the Engun button to make her throw her kunai towards enemy.

      At Lv100, she'll wield 4 kunais (4 hits).
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Oda Nobunaga
      Engun: Nohime and Mori Ranmaru

      Special Move

      Enrai Harukanari: 236 + A (Air)

      Nobunaga uses his shotgun shooting out bullet quickly. He can shoot multiple times when he is powered up with soul system.

      Yakusai no Toge: 236 + C hold

      Swords shoot out from the ground in front of Nobunaga. Longer you hold the attack button more swords comes out.

      穿タレル深紅 - 陽(陰)
      Ugatareru Shinku - Yoh: after standing guard, A or B or C
      Ugatareru Shinku - In: after crouching guard, A or B or C

      This special guard cancel requires him to press the same attack button opponent is using to execute.

      Doukoku suru Tamashii: 214 + C

      When this skill is activated, a red aura will envelop Nobunaga and an gauge appears below Engun gauge. Until the gauge drains to zero you can get a soul sphere if you damage your enemy. You can get up to 3 souls at a time. By collecting these souls, you can generally deal more damage. When you have the souls, during the medium or strong attack motion if you press weak attack button, you will activate a new skill. If you are damaged while holding the souls, they will betray you and will add further damage to you. If they are not used before the gauge deplete, they will also turn against you and damage Nobunaga.

      Hadou: after collecting souls, 214 + A

      Shoots out all souls Nobunaga collected in one shot, and the size plus damage of this projectile depends on how many souls Nobunaga has.

      Sange: after collecting souls, 214 + B

      Nobunaga summons souls to attack his opponent. If you have 3 souls, you can launch 3 projectiles. It's rather slow to start so you can use it for okizeme.

      BASARA Move

      Shi ni Itaru Yamai: 214214 + C

      Basara move, after Nobunaga slashs his opponent, a black aura envelop him. It automatic generates three souls around him. Now if opponent gets close to Nobunaga the black aura will drain opponent's life gauge and increases Nobunaga's. The aura disappears after certain period of time.

      苦ヲ喰ム紅 (Engun Assist)
      Kurushi wo Kuramu Kurenai: 236236 + C

      Basara move, Nobunaga’s cape super Kurushi wo Kuramu Kurenai looks similar to Raoh’s from Hokuto no Ken except his opponent can perfect guard it, but he gets frame advantage if opponents blocks it. A very powerful anti air move.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Shikabane ni Otsuru Shiro: 2141236 + C

      Basara one hit kill, Nobunaga seats on countless skulls and shoots laser to his opponent, after that a castle appears in the background then Nobunaga stabs his sword into the ground and everything explodes.

      Engun Attack

      At Lv1, Nohime (elegantly) kicks the enemy.

      At Lv50, Fire element is added.

      At Lv100, she'll kick 2 times (2 hits).
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    • Toyotomi Hideyoshi
      Engun: Takenaka Hanbei

      Special Move

      Denkou Rekki: close to opponent 214 + A

      Command grab. Hideyoshi drags his opponent along the ground and then flings them into the air. Follow up with a Tenchi Sousou.

      Kaijin Ranka: 236 + A/B

      Hideyoshi charges forward and grabs his opponent. Super armor on the initial rush. You could cancel it to anything moves. Weak version grabs standing characters, medium version grabs crouching one.

      Tenchi Sousou: 623 + B

      Hideyoshi grabs his opponent out of the air and slams them into the ground where they'll be vulnerable to additional hits.

      Haja Shouten: 214 + B, B (rapidly), C

      Rapid fire punches. Press heavy attack to add a final strike that knocks down.

      Ifuubanjou: 214 + C hold

      A field of energy appears in front of Hideyoshi that hits his opponent and reflects projectiles. It's a great anti air move too.

      BASARA Move

      Enbugouhaku: 214214 + C

      Super command grab. Press the weak, medium and heavy buttons with the proper timing to bash your opponent up to three times.

      金剛破滅 (Engun Assist)
      Kongou Hametsu: 236236 + C

      Basara move, big uppercut attack that dizzies when it hits. Engun Assist OK.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Hadou Tenshou: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one-hit kill. A giant pillar of flame blasts Hideyoshi's opponent off the screen.

      Engun Attack

      Hanbei attacks with his joint sword. As the level goes up, his attack range increases.

      If his attack hits the enemy, he'll pull the enemy closer to Hideyoshi.
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    • Mōri Motonari
      Engun: Mōri Army Soldiers

      Special Move

      Hajiki Te "Heki": 236 + A/B, 623 + A/B hold (Air)

      Mōri conjures up a round wall of energy. Knock your opponent into it to send them flying. You may hold the attack button to increase its duration in the screen.

      Sen no Te "Hatsu": 214 + A/B/C

      Mōri sets a trap in the ground. You have to reinput the command to activate it, then the green geyser shoots up and it is unblockable even using perfect guard. The geyser launches opponent Mōri can do combo afterward explodes

      Madoi no Te "Kyo": Rei - Kyojitsu Secchi, 22 + C

      Teleport and switch place with his soldier.

      BASARA Move

      Kinji Te "Baku": 214214 + C

      BASARA move. A giant ring of energy appears in the sky and slowly descends, hitting multiple times. Unblockable, Mōri can do combo afterward

      挟み手「壁」 (Engun Assist)
      Hasami Te "Heki": 236236 + C

      BASARA move, send opponent flying bounce between two energy walls.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Mōri Gun Shukyoku Saihai: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one-hit kill. Mōri orders a squad of archers to fire on his opponent and then finishes them off with a naval attack.

      Engun Attack

      Mōri has a variety of Engun Attacks than can be triggered with various joystick commands + E. It's also possible to hit the summoned soldiers and send them careening into your opponent.

      At Lv1, Mōri can only summon 2 soldiers at a time

      At Lv50, he can summon 5 soldiers at a time

      Engun Attack
      At Lv100, he can summon up to 6 soldiers at a time

      Rei - Kyojitsu Secchi: 22+E

      Mōri summon a soldier in, he can either send him flying towards your opponent, or activate Madoi Te "Kyo" .

      Rei - Yumihei (Zensha): 236 + E

      Mōri orders an archer to fire an arrow straight ahead.

      Rei - Yumihei (Jousha): 214 + E

      Mōri orders an archer to fire two arrow into the air to rain down on his opponent.

      Rei - Yarihei (Zenshin): E

      A spearman charges towards Mōri's opponent.

      Rei - Yarihei (Joushou): 623 + E

      A spearman does a rising attack on Mōri's opponent.

      Rei - Yarihei (Kakou): 421 + E

      A spearman attacks Mōri's opponent from above.
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    • Chosokabe Motochika
      Engun: Mechanical Weapon


      Motochika's adorable parrot apparently makes treasure boxes appear on the stage. If you can manage to keep the parrot unharmed, you can get more and moar money from the box every time it appears. In order to ensure one, have Motochika execute Perfect Guard near the parrot.

      Isshoku: ↓↘→ + A hold

      An extremely quick attack acrossing 3/4 screen, Motochika’s main tool to fight from far distance. Everytime it hits Motochika get some money. Then you may input left, right or up to control opponent's position. When you hold the button, it increases the attack range.

      Dokyuu: →↓↘ + A/B, ←↓↙ + A/B (Air)

      Dokyuu is a special movement that Motochika can move freely toward any direction in the screen. B version moves more horizontally than A version. You can input left or right to change the moving direction. Press different attack buttons afterward for follow ups.

      Kyuutome: during Dokyuu movement, A

      Motochika stops his dashing movement.

      Kaiten: during Dokyuu movement, B

      Performs a special attack that allow jump cancel for further combo.

      Rakka: during Dokyuu movement, C

      Motochika drop from the air that gives frame advantage on block.

      BASARA Move

      Gora - Ichigeki: ↓↙←↓↙← + C

      The invincible upper has a quick execution. Although it's attack range is extremely short, it’s air unblockable unless opponent does perfect guard before as they jump. Opponent cannot tech after juggled by this move, you may do the follow ups. You can also hold the attack button and move left or right before he attacks.

      Gora - Nigeki: after Gora - Ichigeki, ↓

      The damage of this follow ups base on timing(3 levels). The damage increases as you time the attack right.

      四縛 (Engun Assist)
      Shibaku: ↓↘→↓↘→ + C

      It traps opponent in the net for further combos, and has invincibility in the start up.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Sennichi Kouro: ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      His one hit Basara move throws a giant map up. Can anti air or use in combo.


      Mechanical weapon

      Aniki has his own money system in this game. He receives gold when he attacks. Sometimes a treasure box appears in the screen. He may open it to collect more gold. The gold he has is used to summon different mechanical weapons .

      His Engun level tops the level of mechanical weapon he can get. For example, he can only summon up to medium level robot at Engun Lv 50, and he is able to get the high level robot at Lv 100. Players may summon a low/medium level robot when they want to save their gold for next use.

      Once mechanical weapon is unleashed, it functions as an engun except it stays in the screen until it’s broke. Its body can hit opponent who gets too close to it. All engun moves are performed by this robot.

      If the destruction of the weapon is ordered by Motochika himself, you can get some gold back. The explosion does damage, including broken pieces.

      Mechanical Weapon Production Demands

      Niohkuruma (Nioh Tank): Engun Lv.1~ and 2000 Gold, E + A

      It can be easily broken. Its rocket punch attack is rather slow.

      Mokki (Wooden Giant): Engun Lv.50~ and 5000 Gold, E+B

      Can absorb a lot of hits before it broke. Mokki has a lot of attack options such as projectiles and charging attack.

      Mekki (Dragon Tank): Engun Lv.100 and 10000 Gold, E + C

      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Oichi
      Engun: Asai Nagamasa

      Special Move

      Some of Oichi’s special attacks add aliment effect to her opponent by random, the effects are:
      1) Defense halved
      2) Drain HP
      3) Poisoned
      4) Guard Gauge halved
      5) Attack damage halved
      6) Engun abilities disabled
      7) Guard Gauge decrease twice faster
      8) Take away some amount of HP

      Devil Gauge

      This gauge refills itself over time, once it’s full you can perform Hirakene no Koku.

      護れ根の主 - 陽(陰)
      Mamorene no Nushi - Yoh (In): at the same time opponent attacks, 6 or 2

      Tap towards or down in conjunction with your enemy's attack to counter with an unblockable shadow attack. Press and hold an attack button after parrying to power up the counter attack and add a status ailment. The parry fills up Devil gauge each time it succeed.

      Hirakene no Koku: when Devil gauge is full, 623 + A
      A ring of darkness appears on the ground around Oichi. Press an attack button to lash out at your opponent. All evil hand attack adds an aliment to her opponent. Evil hand will disappear after Oichi gets hit or pass certain period of time (until devil gauge reaches zero).

      Hirakene no Koku (Utsuse): after performing Hirakene no Koku, A

      The ring of evil hands stretch upwards quickly. Reach is short and anti-air. You may cancel it to any other evil hand moves.

      Hirakene no Koku (Umi): after performing Hirakene no Koku, B

      Evil hand projectile, could be cancelled to C evil hand moves.

      Hirakene no Koku (?): after performing Hirakene no Koku, 6 + B
      A slow overhead, knockdown on hit. Could be cancelled to C evil hand moves

      Hirakene no Koku (Shoku): after performing Hirakene no Koku, C

      Evil hands swipe in front of Oichi. Low attack.

      Hirakene no Koku (Nageki): after performing Hirakene no Koku, 2 + C

      An evil hand slams the ground. Unblockable.

      Hirakene no Koku (?): after performing Hirakene no Koku, 214 + C
      A slow but huge catch throw.

      惑え緋の羽 - 陽(陰)
      Madoehi no You - Yoh (In): Air 236 + B / 214 + B

      An air gliding forward/backward special that slashes multiple times towards ground.

      拒め緋の渦 - 陽(陰)
      Kobamehi no Uzu - Yoh (In): 236 + B / 214 + B

      Oichi rapidly spins her blade in a circle, quick start up with some invincibility. This move can pull her opponent towards her or push them away. Damages on contact. The push away version (236B) can reflect projectiles.

      BASARA Move

      Tsudoene no Yume: 214214 + C (Air)

      BASARA attack. A multitude of evil hands reach out from behind Oichi and strike her opponent. Each hit adds an aliment to opponent. Can be done in the air.

      染れ緋の雨 (Engun Assist)
      Kimarehi no Ame: 236236 + C

      BASARA attack. Oichi spins her blade in a wide motion and leaps into the air. Good for combos and anti-air.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Itareshi no Fuchi: 2141236 + C

      BASARA one-hit kill. A giant shadow hand envelops Oichi and then crushes her opponent.

      Engun Attack

      Nagamasa jumps in and throws his shield.

      At Lv50, it becomes 2 hits.

      At Lv100, it becomes 3 hits.
      Sengoku Basara X Discussion Forum:
    • Honda Tadakatsu
      Engun: Tokugawa Ieyasu

      Special Move

      Kougeki Keitai: Tsujou Dan (Normal Bomb): 236 + A/B/C hold (Air)

      Hondam’s normal bomb can be delayed by holding the attack button. You could cancel the charging motion by dash, back dash, and high jump. When Hondam perform this move in the air he can float in the air for a short while. You can move him forward or backward but not up or down. If you use this move when your Engun is available, you can lock-on and fire directly at your opponent. You have to input the follow up commands to change it into time bomb or floating bomb. Hondam can strike his bombs to move them to different direction. For example, after 236A, he can hit the bomb with standing C to make it fly upward. He can slam his 236B bomb 45 degree downward by doing jump C. His floating bombs are similar to (Guilty Gear) Venom’s pool ball set ups.

      Jigen Dan (Time Bomb): after normal bomb, 623 + A/B/C

      The bombs now stay on ground after they land. It will explode after certain amount time, or opponent touches them, or you reinput the command.

      Fuyuu Kirai (Floating Bomb): after normal bomb, Ieyasu arrived 214 + A/B/C

      This move is available only when your Engun is available. The pair of bombs float in the air and explode if your opponent touches them.

      Hikou Keitai (Flying Mode): after Ieyasu arrived, 421 + A (Air)

      When your Engun is ready, use this to make Tadakatsu hover in the air for a set period of time. He can air dash and attack freely.

      Sakugan Chokka (Sengoku Drill): Air 22 + B

      Tadakatsu falls out of the sky and hits multiple times.

      BASARA Move

      Denji Keitai (Electric Field): 214214 + C

      Tadakatsu creates an electrical field that pulls his opponent in. Tadakatsu gains advantage on block and able to pursuit when it blows opponent away.

      突进形态 (Engun Assist)
      Tosshin Keitai (Super Drill): 236236 + C

      Charging drill attack. Slow to start up but does good damage and guard crush. Connects after 2C, Engun Assist OK.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Sengoku Saikyou - Saidai Shutsuryoku: 2141236 + C

      Basara one-hit kill. Slow to start up but attack reach is long.

      Engun Attack

      When Ieyasu is around, Honda can use the Support Mode, which is shooting lasers from the funnels.

      At Lv1, there is only 1 funnel.

      At Lv50, there are 2 funnels.

      At Lv100, there are 3 funnels.

      The funnels shoot laser beam downward when Honda is in flying mode.

      Ieyasu will be kidnapped by ninjas constantly. A message will pop up in the back ground saying “Help me! Tadakatsu!” in Japanese. If you don't save Ieyasu then Honda loses many stuff such as boost gauge, all engun abilities, flying mode, floating bomb, lock on ability of normal bomb, etc for the rest of the match. In order to save Ieyasu, Honda has to hit those ninjas with specific moves before they take your engun out of the screen. The moves confirmed to work are: 6B, jump B, bombs, and Sengoku Drill. Once Honda knock out those ninjas, Ieyasu comes back as Honda’s engun again.
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