"Tournament Edition" App

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    • "Tournament Edition" App

      Eine Tournament App (von Leuten aus der MK community) schaut soweit echt nice aus!

      Designed from the ground up with Tournament Organizers, players, and fans in mind, Tournament Edition is the worlds most comprehensive tournament and event management platform.

      T.E Is a cloud based system working online and offline on multiple platforms including apps for iOS, Android, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Apple Watch, and Android Wear.
      It’s not just a tournament bracket generator, it’s an app for anyone who wants to be involved in competition! Best of all it’s free!

      - Create, Participate, and follow Tournaments, Events, Seasons, or Teams
      - Send and receive notifications of many kinds including match notifications, player to fans, match updates, and more.
      - Follow your favorite players and never miss when they are playing or what they’ve accomplished.
      - Auto seeding based on player location and teams as well as manual seeding.
      - Shuffle, lock, swap and, insert seeding
      - Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin, and Swiss tournaments are supported
      - Use offline or online and sync when internet is available, never having to worry about losing internet or not having it!
      - T.E tracks all your accolades and history for the world to see
      - Register for tournaments, approve paying teams/players
      - One button dynamic tweets of upcoming matches including player twitters, live streams, hashtags, and more
      - Link Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, or Google accounts to be promoted and share any tournament results
      - Participate in team based or individual based tournaments
      - Promote your Events or tournaments with our Hype feature to reach new audiences for your tournaments.

      Tournament Edition is all about promoting offline and online events and growing the competitive community.

      To learn more about Tournament Edition including tutorial videos and much more visit tournamentedition.com

    • Guter Tipp, aber ich denke "Tournament Edition" soll ja auch einen cloud Service haben, und ich denke mal sowas wie EVO wird man darüber ja auch followen können.
      Also ich hab das jetzt so verstanden, als wäre es wie eine Art Netzwerk mit Utility.
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