VanDammage|7.1 - Sudden Death

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      (Gott wie sloppy meine Matches waren, Zeit mal Game zu lernen)
      <president> wenn du gegen smoriya spielst wirst mich aber drum bitten wieder auf plee zu gehn weil der so honest und normal is im vergleich
      <president> wie beschreib ich das am besten
      <president> wenn ich smoriya wäre, wäre die engine vom spiel der sf5 stammtisch

      +2 damage GGXrd Millia CMV
    • Hey guys! As usually, Vienna is a great place to visit. Friendly people, the dojo, I love to come back.

      I'm very busy lately and therefore I couldn't practice as much as I'd like to. I even thought of not coming but I needed to check where I am with my game so I could practice for August tournament in Prague and possible travels after (RFD, Rumble, ...). Thanks for the kind words, I guess I'm getting better but so is all of you. I don't remember a single game I'd call boring, great consistent Budget Player (with awesome commentary when not playing!) or the Haggar comeback that we've witnessed in Top 8.

      For my bracket, I'll keep it short as my tournament life was short:
      HLCWS simply knows how to completely lock me out of the game. A great player who deserves a good result soon!
      Rele 2:2 Vergil vs. Vergil No-XFC no bars. I'm hopeless in such situation and was just hoping for a hit instead of having a plan. Vergil anchor with no XFC is my weakest point right now.

      I'm also glad you liked the hype, even though I think it was a little over the top from time to time from the Czech side, but as long as it's fun for you, let's just enjoy :) We really love to translate the moves/nicks/whatever to German language.

      Great fun in the stream room, great games, great meeting you all again, everything perfect. The FGC is awesome.
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