Moving to Frankfurt

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    • Moving to Frankfurt

      Hi guys, first of all I understand the topic may sound strange, but let me try...
      I will be moving to FF for an internship (the timing range is from mid to end of April).
      The basic idea is... Well, to check whether there is anyone from the fighting community that would be looking for a flatmate!
      There is plenty of time to find an accommodation by myself and in fact this is not the point.
      The thing is simply it being nice if I could manage to find a ´young flat´ (I am 26) to enjoy it something more (I have been unlucky in the very last experiences I had) and potentially also to enjoy games! My title is Sf3 and getting into Sf4 and Kof13 also, just for saying.
      Hope to hear from some of you! Cheers!
    • There are lots of fighting game players in/around Frankfurt.
      A few of them already live together (no homo).
      Good Luck.
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