[P4U] Kanji Tatsumi Allgemeines

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    • [P4U] Kanji Tatsumi Allgemeines

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      Thx to Sowl!!

      Kanji is a male delinquent with a bleached-blonde swept-back crewcut, grey eyes with a scar above his left eye, many piercings, metal jewelry, and wears a black sweater with a skull-and-crossbones design on it under his school uniform, and wears shaded glasses in battle. On days off, however, he is seen wearing a black leather jacket instead and in the Summer, he discards his jacket and wears a black tank top with flaming skull design. On the camp out he wears his P.E. suit (except he wears it like his winter uniform) while at the school festival, he wears a blonde curly wig and a white dress, giving him an appearance similiar to Marylin Monroe.

      He also seems to be tattooed on his left arm. However, as it disappears during the summer festival, it is strongly implied that this tattoo is not permanent and can be attached at will.

      A student of Yasogami High School, Kanji often skips classes and apparently gets into many fights in the streets. His family runs a textile shop with the Amagis being their acquainted costumers, and Kanji is also very skilled with tailoring for that very reason. He is portrayed as being insecure about his sexuality after meeting Naoto (who disguises as a boy) and developing a minor crush on her.


      Age: 16 (15 in the original game)
      Date of Birth: January 19th, 1996
      Zodiac: Capricorn
      Height: 183 cm (6')
      Weight: 65 kg
      Blood Type: A
      Initial Persona: Take-Mikazuchi
      Ultimate Persona: Rokuten Maou
      Arcana: Emperor

      Kanji is the resident grappler character, focusing on brute strength and throws to overwhelm his opponents. His lack of speed is compensated by good defense, good range on his normal moves and a Paralysis status that his Persona attacks induce. Paralyzed opponents can't move (but can still sit down and perform normal and special moves), so use it to your advantage and close the distance (or leave your enemy without a way to escape)! When you're done, feel free to mix up his throws, which come in many different flavors, from super-armor to anti-air to gap-closers.


      Difficulty: ★★★★☆
      Offense: ★★★★★
      Defense: ★★★★★
      Speed: ★☆☆☆☆
      Persona: ★★★★☆


      5A - A fast and high kick. Your regular poke move, may be a bit slower than the other characters' 5A.
      5B - Kanji swings with his folding chair. A very good poke, combos into Buster Attack and some other stuff.
      6B - Kanji stomps the ground and covers the ground with a speech bubble. Hard to figure out any properties.
      5C - Take-Mikazuchi slams the ground with his lightning. This move has great range and deals good damage, but is a bit on the slower side.
      (j)5D/4D/6D - Take-Mikazuchi calls down lightning to strike at a certain position. If the enemy is hit, they become paralyzed. The exact range of the move can be controlled by pushing the directional button. Be careful not to use it when the enemy is too close!
      2A - A quick kick while sitting. Hits low, but may be a bit slower than the other characters' 2A.
      2B - strikes with the chair upwards while sitting down. A good anti-air move, but its vertical range is not that good. Can be comboes into Gotcha!.
      2C - Take-Mikazuchi swings his arm aiming at the enemy's legs. Draws the enemy in a bit.
      2A+B - A dropkick that knocks down the enemy. Can be followed up by Additional Buster Attack.
      jA - A wild midair punch. Probably hard to hit a sitting enemy with it, so use it as an air-to-air move.
      jB - Kanji swings downwards with his chair. A great and fast move that covers a lot of vertical range.
      jC - Take-Mikazuchi strikes downwards by clashing his fists, as Kanji makes a short jump backwards. An air-to-ground move which leaves you in a safe enough state to avoid retaliation.

      Ground Throw (C+D) - Kanji grabs the enemy and throws him away. Can follow up with Additional Buster Attack.
      Aerial Throw (jC+D) - Kanji grabs the enemy and throws him to the ground. Hard to follow up with anything.
      All-Out Rush (A+B) - Kanji stomps the ground and blows the enemy away spinning. Probably counts as an overhead, has some super-armor.


      R Action

      Shaddup! (B+D) - Kanji summons Take-Mikazuchi and wraps himself in lightning, paralyzing the enemy.

      Special Moves

      Buster Attack (236A/B) - Kanji jumps forward and strikes down with his folding chair. EX version has some super-armor.
      Additional Buster Attack (follow-up 236A/B) - Just like the regular Buster Attack, Kanji adds insult to injury and strikes down the downed opponent with his chair. This move can be followed into from a lot of moves, like 2A+B, ground throw, and others.
      Pin ya down! (up close 214C/D) - Kanji grabs the enemy and throws them to Take-Mikazuchi, who falls down on them, pins them down with his lightning bolt, and summons lightning to strike them. Can be followed up by Additional Buster Attack.
      Gotcha! (236C/D) - Take-Mikazuchi jumps up and forward, grabbing the enemy, electrifying them and falling on the ground with a body slam. The C version sends Take-Mikazuchi right away, while D version makes him wait a little before jumping, covering more horizontal range. C version can be followed up by Additional Buster Attack.
      Brace yourself! (j214A/B) - Kanji jumps downwards with his arms spread. If he catches the enemy, Kanji mounts him, beats them down with his fists, and blows them away. Can catch both standing and jumping enemies (perhaps even sitting ones?), but the trajectory is a bit weird to use. Can follow up by B or EX Buster Attack.

      Super Moves

      Tatsumi-Style Peacemaking (236236A/B) - Kanji throws his folding chair straight forward. A version bounces off the opponent for a second hit, while B version is followed up by a two-hit combo by Kanji, with the chair falling down a short while after it. A good way to close the distance if nothing else works. Also can sometimes work as a combo ender OR hit-confirm for a combo with a smart use.

      Awakening Super

      To a criisp!! (up close 214214C/D) - Kanji makes a short dash and grabs the enemy, throwing them high upward. He then summons Take-Mikazuchi, who grabs the enemy and dashes up to the wall, exploding with lightning. A very damaging throw (takes about a half of a whole life bar!), leaves the enemy in the corner, and Kanji is not left standing as far from the opponent as you may understand from the description.

      Stats: (out of 5)

      Ease of Use: ★★★★☆
      Attack: ★★☆☆☆
      Defense: ★★☆☆☆
      Speed: ★★★☆☆
      Persona: ★★★★★

      Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena - Kanji Gameplay Sample 1
      Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena - Kanji Gameplay Sample 2

      Strategy? Spacing? I just keep punching until I hit something.

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