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  • So hi Guys, just wanted to give a few updates on Revo this year First we have the Schedule! <--- You can find it here or on the main website @ ! We have also added Aquapazza to the Friday Lineup! Aquapazza will be a free to enter tournament, and you are able to win raffle tickets! We all love Raffles! Hypemeter is gone, they've got a switch for it now and they will switch it off for us ...and thats it really. If anybody is inte…

  • So guys, its back. If you remember Sakura Fight Festa and Revolution 2014, you will hopefully remember the good fun it was MFpS7ec.png #REVO2015 So lets get the info dumped! Games List 1. Blazblue Chronophantasma (PS3) 2. Guilty Gear Xrd (PS3) 3. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3) 4. Under Night In-birth Exe:late (PS3) 5. Persona 4 Arena 2 (PS3) 6. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (PC) 7. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! (PS3) Location: Bolney Meadow Community Center, 31 Bolney Street, SW8 1E…

  • Hypemeter is a decibel meter which turned all the electricity off...if you made too much noise Its pretty bad :3

  • Yeah the Hypemeter is one of the main things we are working on. Thinking how we could possibly remove it. Worst comes to worst, hype casuals might turn everything off! That being said, for the Grand Finals of BB we managed to figure out a way to make the Hypemeter ineffective, but it requires us to wire all the tournament setups from the outside...Which we can't do with casual setups since we barely had enough extensions. I'll keep people updated with the Hypemeter

  • So yeah Revolution has come and gone, and we looked at tournaments for anime games in the coming year It's...not looking very good. Not sure what anime tournaments there are around europe but if there are any...I wasn't very successful in finding them...or they only have Xrd So we are thinking of doing a tournament in March. Yeah its not very long notice, at most its 3 months notice. Checking if people are interested But yeah wanna put some points down, assuming that it happens... 1. Its 3 days,…

  • Hi, ill be there D: Games....AH3LM..........MBAACC I guess Lets have fun and be friends. This is my theme <--- dont judge u get me

  • Revolution Update! 23/08/14 So there hasn't been updates recently. So I'm gonna add some info for Revolution in November! 1. Since Xrd is not going to be released by the time Revolution happens, it will not be there ;-;. We should have at least ONE GGAC+R Setup available if anybody wants to play that 2. Online signups will be closed on October, if you want to enter it would be best to signup before Oct -Here- 3. We have international interest! You can check the signup list -Here- 4. Some of the …

  • <--- The website is up! If you have any questions you can ask in this thread, email us at OR tweet me or Rayokarna at @Frostybolty or @Rayokarna !

  • Actually it will be a main event IF the game is accessible to us before the event. So for example it comes out on JP PSN before the event and is not region locked If it DOES NOT come out in time, then it becomes a side event for +R in case people want to play GG still

  • I hope you guys will attend There will be GGs

  • OK so those above are the event details, going to add some points of my own for people who want to go. Forgive my "not formal" posting style :x = Accomodation = There is this really decent Hostel I have found [ ] Its 45 minutes from the event venue It seems fairly cheap, for now it looks like around 30 pounds a night If you book as a group of 10 or more you can get 10% off! Find players to group with It has a free breakfast buffet If you can afford to pay more there are proper hot…

  • poster%20v3%20up.png Nth Gen Interactive präsentiert Revolution 2014. Dies ist das zweite Mal das wir unser Flaggschiff Event halten und nun ist komplett den Anime Fightern gewidmet. Aktuelle Spielliste (Änderung je nach Verfügbarkeit möglich): Blazblue Chronophantasma Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Gundam Extreme Vs: Full Boost (2v2) Jojo: All Star Battle Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late Persona 4 Arena 2: Ultramax Ultra Suplex Hold* Guilty Gear Xrd* Alle Spiele werden auf der PS3 gespielt! Ein Allstar…

  • I guess I register my interest here I'm looking on coming down, just gotta do the preparations with the Londoners. Should be a blast Definately interested in Melty Blood and Arcana Heart if anybody wants to play, is nobody doing BBCP?

  • Whos going who plays AH3 and MB. I know Svenis is and a guy called Wafflescake. Anybody else? Some guys from London who play it abit are coming as well

  • Whats the entry fee for the 2on2? Cant see any D:

  • So its confirmed, 6 of us are coming from UK! DBlanks Firei Frosty Zoular MUFN EXonestar JFC DragonLordZ A few more are waiting on stuff like passports, ready yourselves Also we play BB mainly. Not me though only AH3 and MBAACC

  • Nah I mean, you dont want to stream this, its just a friendly ft10

  • Yeah I just wanna get a cheap sleeping bag, dunno how much theyd cost in central germany though Also I dont think you want to stream the FT10 :x

  • So the chance of me going is getting pretty high so I just want to clean up a few more things 1 - Whats the chance of me borrowing a sleeping bag, since my budget flight wont allow me to bring one 2 - If no-dice, how much is a sleeping bag? 3 - Does anybody want to buy that sleeping bag, since I cant take it home with me :x 4 - Svenis want to FT10 AH3?

  • ok cool just a few questions now 1 - What time do things end on sunday, we probably need to leave sunday to get to hahn or get STRANDED 2 - is there a timetable anywhere for the hahn bus to frankfurt (and return) 3 - Does the venue have carpet or is it the coldest of cold floors 4 - Showers? 5 - Can we do alchohol at the venue, since im coming as primarily a cheerleader 6 - Any directions to get to the venue from wherever the Hahn bus takes us?