Sengoku Basara X Cross - Sanada Yukimura - Guide&Discussion

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    • Sengoku Basara X Cross - Sanada Yukimura - Guide&Discussion

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      Sanada Yukimura

      I. Move Analysis

      1.) Normals


      Fast normal with good reach for a light move. Prorates less than 2A if you start a combo with it.

      Has some use as an anti air. Can be jump cancelled.

      Has 2 hits which both can be jump cancelled. Second hit drags them in.

      Low hitting Attack with great speed and good reach for a light attack. Chains into itself and gives some frame advantage. Great for pressure, but if you start a combo with it expect heavy prorating.

      Great reach and priority. Good move to have in ground to ground combat but somehow dangerous since opponents can simply jump over it.

      Basic sweep. Knocks down.

      Overhead with insane reach and good use in pressure. Knocks down.

      Slow move with two low hits. The reach is good but if someone jumps over it your screwed. Some use in combos and maybe slightly useful in pressure.


      Use if you need a fast air to air normal. Can be double jump cancelled.

      Good priority. First choice in air to air situations. Can be double jump cancelled.

      Great air to ground normal. In Air to Air situations only useful if you manage to hit their attack with the tip of your j.C. Nevertheless if a groundbased oppoent blocks it, it's a free pressure attempt. If you hit him with a CH, you even get a free ground combo afterwards.

      Basic throw. Knocks down.

      Air Throw:
      Basic Air throw. Knocks down. Need more experience with this one. Doesn't feel like air throws do in Guilty Gear.

      2.) Specials

      Can be charged by holding down the button. If you charge it for a certain amount it will get wallslam properties in which case it can be canceld with a dash. Has great use in Engun combos. Can be cancelled into 236B or 623B even on whiff.

      Greatest special move in Yukimuras Arsenal. Good range, hits low, has good forward momentum and is fully invincible after a few frames. Furthermore it has wallbounce properties. If you score a Counterhit you will get a free combo, no matter if you hit a groundbased or airborne opponent.
      Use it as poke or even better as an all purpose anti air. Just learn the timing since you can be hit out of it in the first few frames.
      You can cancel into it from 235A even on whiff, but if you do so it won't launch them anymore.

      Good Uppercut with lots of invincibility frames. Has to be blocked holding AB while in the air. The horizontal reach is limited. Can be cancelled into from 236A or 236B even on whiff. Great Reversal and does a decent job as anti air as well.

      623B (air)
      Air Version of the Uppercut. Haven't yet found a real use for it.

      Great reach, speed and hitbox. Use this move at max range if you expect your opponent to jump, or use it as a long range anti air. If you input a second 214B Yukimura will end it with a double lance stab that launches them a bit (enough to get a "2Engun, dash, 5A, 5B, air combo" in if you feel it's worth the damage).

      Slow and incredible obvious overhead. The damage you get from it is great, but it will never hit unless you really mess with your opponents mind. The only good thing about it is the forward momentum, but as it doesn't give you frame advantage you gain nothing from it if it gets blocked.


      Air combo ender. May have some use if you TK it. That's it.

      3.) Supers

      No use found until now.

      No use found until now.

      4.) Engun:
      For your Engun to be of any help in combos you have him to be lv. 50+.

      5.) BasaraKO:
      Honestly, haven't yet fooled around with that one.

      II. Chain Diagram

      () = does not combo

      5A: 5A, 2A, 5B, (2B), (6B), (5C), (2C), (6C).
      5B: 2B, (6B), 5C, (6C). [can be jump cancelled]
      5C: 5B, 2C, 6C. [both hits can be jump cancelled]

      2A: 2A, 5B, (2B), (6B), (5C), (2C), (6C).
      2B: (6B), 5C, 2C, (6C).
      2C: 6B, 6C.

      j.A: j.A, j.B. [can be double-jump cancelled]
      j.B: j.A, j.C. [can be double-jump cancelled]

      III. Pressure

      - The two most basic ways to establish a rushdown is after you knocked you opponent down or after they blocked your j.C while they remained on the ground.

      - 2A is one of your basic rushdown starters and your basic low move. If they block one you have enough time to do a short dash and go for another one. Use this to get nearer for more mixup and as some sort of frame trap. After they have learned that trying to hit back after a blocked 2A is no good you can sneak in a throw from time to time. If you do two 2As in a row you can even hitconfirm if you should go on with a combo or dash up.

      - 6B is another key move in his pressure game. It has an incredible reach. Most players aren't used to overheads with that much range, so if you can set it up that you can hit them with just the tip of it (like after they blocked 2A x2 at max range) chances are good they won't be ready for it. Every time you succeed with a 6B you knock them down which resets the pressure situation. Nevertheless it has an okay speed which will allow you to use it in more basic way. You can go into it from both hits of 5B or 5C. Keep in mind that once they successfully blocked 6B, they just know that you can't go on with rushing.

      - 5C is another key move. Your normal way into this move is something like 2A, 5B, 5C. Since it has two hits you can always check if something has hit them on the way and you can go on with your basic ground combo or if you should go on with mixup. Most Basic mixup is 2C which hits low and 6B which has to be blocked high. If you want to be extra “mixxy” you can even do 2D into 6B.

      - A good point to interrupt a pattern and start rushing all over again is after 5B (since this is in the middle of a pattern and they just expect something to come after it) and 5C (same her, but furthermore they have to look out for a high / low mixup which should put them in a "blocking mood"). Just wait for the move to finish, then use 2A to start all over.

      - 5B and 5C can be jump cancelled. This can help you to get some more variations going. Jump at them with a few j.As or even a j.C and start pressure from there. Not too strong but different and sometimes that's all that is needed.

      - There are actually 3 ways to get damage out of your rush. Everytime you succeed with a 2A x2 or any other move into 5C you can go on with your basic ground combo (into wallslam combo if you have an Engun). The other two are a successful 6B or a throw, but to get damage out of them you need an Engun ready.

      IV. Combos

      1.) 2A, 5B, 5C, 2C, 6C(2), 236A, 623B
      Basic Ground combo. Against some charas the second hit of 6C will whiff; in this case just cancel into 236A after the first.

      2.) 2A, 5B, 5C, 2C, 6C(2), 5Engun, 236A (charge), dash, [2BC, j.A, j.B, j.C, j.2C] x n, then instead of doing another 2BC do: land, 214C.
      If you do the combo against an cornered opponent I found it helpful to input 4Engun, as with the 5Engun the second hit misses sometimes. Again, against some charas the 2nd hit of 6C whiffs, so in this case go right on after the first hit. For most characters the trick is to get them as high as possible so that the j.B in the wall part won't whiff. Against some charas it is fairly easy, as Chocosabe (start practicing on him), for others getting the right height needs some more practice. I haven't yet figured out how far this combo can go, but it seems that at one point they can recover as they fall down slightly every time and the j.B will eventually whiff. So it doesn't seem to be an infinite. I will update this small guide as soon as I figured that one out.

      3.) 6B, 2Engun, j.B, j.C, 214C, 5Engun, j.B, j.C, 214C (knocks down)
      This combo allows you to get good damage from an overhead hit. Jump straight up after the first Engun launches them to get a better angel for the wallbounce.

      4.) Throw, 2Engun, j.B, j.C, 214C, 5Engun, j.B, j.C, 214C (knocks down)

      Additional damage is not too great but it's good to have an option to get meaningfull damage from a throw to keep them afraid of it. After the first Engung launches them just jump straight up to get a better angle for the wallbounce.

      5.) 214C, short dash, 5B, 5C(1), JC, j.A, j.B, j.C, 214C (knocks down)

      214C will succeed seldom, but the damage is quite good. Use it sparingly and never without a setup if you want it to hit at least every now and then.

      6.) 236A (CounterHit), dash, 5A, 5B, JC, j.A, j.B, j.C, 214C
      This one seems pretty situational at first glance, but it will happen more often than you think as 236A is such a great move.

      IV. Helpful Links

      Same good matchvideos:

      Combo clips (may help you especially with combo Nr. 2):

      Feel free to add and discuss stuff^^.
      "The real challenge is to stay in range of the long-term pespective when you are under fire and hurting in the middle of the war. This is at the core of the art of learning"
      -- Josh Waitzkin

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