Sengoku Basara X Cross - Chosokabe Motochika

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    • Sengoku Basara X Cross - Chosokabe Motochika

      Chosokabe Motochika
      Engun: Mechanical Weapon


      Motochika's adorable parrot apparently makes treasure boxes appear on the stage. If you can manage to keep the parrot unharmed, you can get more and moar money from the box every time it appears. In order to ensure one, have Motochika execute Perfect Guard near the parrot.

      Isshoku: ↓↘→ + A hold

      An extremely quick attack acrossing 3/4 screen, Motochika’s main tool to fight from far distance. Everytime it hits Motochika get some money. Then you may input left, right or up to control opponent's position. When you hold the button, it increases the attack range.

      Dokyuu: →↓↘ + A/B, ←↓↙ + A/B (Air)

      Dokyuu is a special movement that Motochika can move freely toward any direction in the screen. B version moves more horizontally than A version. You can input left or right to change the moving direction. Press different attack buttons afterward for follow ups.

      Kyuutome: during Dokyuu movement, A

      Motochika stops his dashing movement.

      Kaiten: during Dokyuu movement, B

      Performs a special attack that allow jump cancel for further combo.

      Rakka: during Dokyuu movement, C

      Motochika drop from the air that gives frame advantage on block.

      BASARA Move

      Gora - Ichigeki: ↓↙←↓↙← + C

      The invincible upper has a quick execution. Although it's attack range is extremely short, it’s air unblockable unless opponent does perfect guard before as they jump. Opponent cannot tech after juggled by this move, you may do the follow ups. You can also hold the attack button and move left or right before he attacks.

      Gora - Nigeki: after Gora - Ichigeki, ↓

      The damage of this follow ups base on timing(3 levels). The damage increases as you time the attack right.

      四縛 (Engun Assist)
      Shibaku: ↓↘→↓↘→ + C

      It traps opponent in the net for further combos, and has invincibility in the start up.

      One-Hit BASARA Move

      Sennichi Kouro: ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C

      His one hit Basara move throws a giant map up. Can anti air or use in combo.


      Mechanical weapon

      Aniki has his own money system in this game. He receives gold when he attacks. Sometimes a treasure box appears in the screen. He may open it to collect more gold. The gold he has is used to summon different mechanical weapons .

      His Engun level tops the level of mechanical weapon he can get. For example, he can only summon up to medium level robot at Engun Lv 50, and he is able to get the high level robot at Lv 100. Players may summon a low/medium level robot when they want to save their gold for next use.

      Once mechanical weapon is unleashed, it functions as an engun except it stays in the screen until it’s broke. Its body can hit opponent who gets too close to it. All engun moves are performed by this robot.

      If the destruction of the weapon is ordered by Motochika himself, you can get some gold back. The explosion does damage, including broken pieces.

      Mechanical Weapon Production Demands

      Niohkuruma (Nioh Tank): Engun Lv.1~ and 2000 Gold, E + A

      It can be easily broken. Its rocket punch attack is rather slow.

      Mokki (Wooden Giant): Engun Lv.50~ and 5000 Gold, E+B

      Can absorb a lot of hits before it broke. Mokki has a lot of attack options such as projectiles and charging attack.

      Mekki (Dragon Tank): Engun Lv.100 and 10000 Gold, E + C

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