SNK vs. Capcom für PS2 angekündigt

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    • "RealBout c.f." schrieb:

      "Terry" schrieb:

      Bei Playasia kann man das Game schon vorbestellen...soll schon am 18.12 erscheinen.

      Toll, wenn das wirklich schon so früh erscheint, hätt ich mir eigentlich diese Version statt des teuren NG Moduls holen können. :?

      Ja, und wenn du noch zwei Jahre wartest, kriegst du es für 10 Euro hinterhergeworfen... :P
      Zeit ist Geld, wer es früher haben will, zahlt mehr. War schon immer so, und wird auch immer so sein. Ausserdem ist das Original praktisch immer vorzuziehen.

      Wenn man fantatischer Neo Geo Verehrer ist und es der Geldbeutel zulässt schon... :lol:

      Ansonsten sind die Leute die nur die " billig geportete" :roll: Version kennen oft auch ziemlich zufrieden...

      wheee neuer bug =D

      EARTHQUAKE & HUGO "INSTANT K.O." BUG/GLITCH: The name of this bug/glitch? Oh, don't worry about that. I duh-obviously made it up. There were two other arcade game players who were "experimenting," while using Earthquake Versus Hugo. Both players were friends, so they were purposely messing around. My friend & I watched them, and we witnessed the following "CHAOTIC" Bug/Glitch:

      Earthquake & Hugo stand right next to each other. Earthquake then attempts to perform his "FAT GUILTY" Super Attack (QCFx2+K). Earthquake is 100% invincible to Physical, & Projectile Attacks during this Super Move. Buuuuut, he is still very vunerable to Grad/Grapple/Throw Moves. After Earthquake throws the other end of his ChainSaw off the top of the screen, it "homes-in" on Hugo, & comes back down. Literally JUST as it is about to hit Hugo, the player using him does Hugo's "MOONSAULT PRESS" (360+P). NOW, PAY ATTENTION! Hugo successfully grabs Earthquake, & jumps into the air with him. BUT, this time around, the "spinning animation" of both characters in the air, looks VERY ODD, more so than usual. But the real KICKER is this: by VERY CAREFUL timing his Moonsault Press right next to Earthquake, as the Fat Ninja does his "Fat Guity" Super, Hugo's Grab Special INSTANTLY "K.Os" EARTHQUAKE, EVEN FROM A PERFECT. "I-N-T-A-N-T K-N-O-C-K-O-U-T."

      One "Precisely-Timed" Special Grab done by Hugo. Earthquake is "K.Oed" as a result. IMMEDIATELY. "KA-BOOM." Just like that.

      Go ahead. Go back & read it again. I'll wait for you to finish.

      Got it? Good. Yes. It's a MAJOR Bug/Glitch. By the way, the other two guys who performed all of this, did it more than once, so it was NOT some sort of a "one-time-lucky-fluke."

      True Story, too. I am NOT making ANY of this up. Trust me.

      Erh? Any explanations? Erhm, anyone? Okay, I'll try: Maybe both Hugo & Earthquake are indeed WAY TOO BIG, to be on the same screen, at the same time. Maybe the game can't "handle" both of the characters' animations "clashing" together, as they battle each other at the same time. The result? Well, under ceratin "circumstances," nasty "WHAT THE - ?" Bugs/Glitches can occur (like the one just described above).
      They should call me Hadouken 'cause I'm down right fierce!
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