Match-Video Analysen

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    • Match-Video Analysen

      ich versuche mich mal an einigen Analyse Videos meiner eigenen Matches. Es geht dabei nicht darum mich selbst zu beweihräuchern, sondern darum uns allen beim Leveln zu helfen. Ich versuche mich dabei also auch mit meinen eigenen Fehlern auseinander setzen. Ich schaue und analysiere oft meine eigenen Matches, nur habe ich das bisher für mich und nicht schriftlich getan.

      Die folgenden Texte werden auf Englisch verfasst sein, da ich auch unsere nicht deutschsprachigen Membern einbeziehen möchte und das ganze evtl auch im Venom Discord teilen werde.

      Ich freue mich über Anregungen, Kritik, Korrekturen und Fragen.

      Wenn jemand anders seine Match Analysen posten will: knock yourself out!
      'They call me 'Jazzboi',
      If you're legit, you'll be spared.
      - I am The Falcon!'

      Mad Dog a.ka. Papariiyarazzi a.k.a Riiya
    • This analysis is supposed to be helpful in understanding the matchup and how i think about and during the matches. I will try to point out the reasons for my own actions, how i interpret my opponents actions and where i see crucial mistakes on both sides that eventually lead to winning or losing the matches.
      All of this is of course my opinion and may or may not be true to everybody out there.

      I start with this match between Lunatic and myself because i want to help my struggleing Sol friends out and it shows a lot of common mistakes

      Here's what i think of the matchup in general:
      the MU is pretty even. Since the last patch (GG Xrd Rev1.04) Venom's amazing buffs make up for the big damage advantage, strong tools and risk payoffs that Sol has.
      For Venom the top priority is countering Sol's approaches and letting him kill himself on the way in. I generally want to stand outside of fS range or have enough space to make my escape. Far S range is crucial because Sol will not be able to punish any ball sets and Venom is able to counter all high risk, high reward specials on reaction. I like to go for 1 ball sets until i get a read on how my opponent wants to approach or if i am not full screen away because 2 ball sets in neutral otherwise won't let you react to very aggressive play anymore. During setplay i always expect grand viper and volcanic viper so i like to go for safe oki, thereby sacrificing strong mixups. Baiting a VV and punishing it hard can lead to more damage and a better situation than many mixups. As soon as that has been established i go for tricky stuff.
      Venom's pressure game is full small gaps that can serve as frame traps. Against a Sol who knows these gaps though VV becomes a really serious threat to your pressure game. So in the Sol MU i always try to mix up the pressure strings and vary the amount of normals i use so that trying reversal in between becomes a guessing game which Sol will lose in the long run.
      At all costs Venom should avoid being in the corner. This goes for every matchup but is crucial vs Sol because he is exponentially stronger there than he is midscreen. If i find myself there anyways i try to look out for the kind of frame traps the Sol player uses. 2S will poke Sol out of most runup frame traps (learn how to IB Sol's 2S because it is his strongest advantage normal). Gunflame pressure is countered by QV or instant air dashes, be aware of gunflame yrc though. Block for a while and push Sol out with FD. He will have to take risks to open you up. That is when you can make you escape or counter appropriately.

      Match 1 Round1

      • at roundstart i go for S CR which is pretty safe. Lunatic jumps over it which is the correct counter but then airdashes back for no reason. To me this jump P and then no reactions makes me think he will jump a lot. So after that you see me dash a bit foward and do a preemptive 6H to stop him from jumping. Lunatic counters with his fS so i then go to poking with 2S which will beat Sol's pokes at that spacing.
      • At 0.26 i go for the same stragety as before. Having poked him out and hit a stinger i expect the next jump over my pokes and go for 6H – K ball again. Then i immediately hit the ball with jP and airdash towards him covered by the ball. All of that stops jumps, iads and bandit bringer so i have to air covered. Lunatic at that point could have punished the ball set off of 6H or dashed under the airdash and punished that. Luckily i read my momentum right, open him up and get the knockdown and the corner. Best possible outcome :D
      • at 0.30 i go for a safe setups and keep him blocking. I throw out a 6H in the string to catch any jump out attempts which again hits jumping Lunatic. Getting the next knockdown and the next safe setup.
      • Lunatic tries to counter the next setup with blitz but i can punish him for it. Blitz can be really strong versus Venom but you have to know the setups which are blitzable. Otherwise the counterhit state of blitz shield recovery will cost you. Lunatic then Bursts out (0.36s) and has no resources left. At that point this situation is highly advantageous for me so i don't care about the burst at all.
      • At 0.37 i try to counter the gunflame and get a ball out with P QV, hit the Ball with 2P to cover ground moves (including GV) and jump P foward right away because i still expect my opponent to jump. Lunatic does not jump but blocks and gets opened up by jH S Mad Struggle. Then he gets put in the blender with more safe setups and just gets opened up and loses the round.

      Match 1 Round 2

      • at roundstart i go for the anti air string 6P – 6H because Lunatic started the last round by jumping. I hit get the knockdown and the ball set right away. Then Sol does not block the following late airdash mixup and i get the corner and a setup plus Sol has lost 50% of his life within 6 seconds of the round. The K ball after the 6H knockdown was not DP safe by the way. Realizing that and punishing unsafe setups is very important for Sol players to learn in this MU.
      • At 1.06 Lunatic decides to burst out at a good spot to get out of the corner and avoid further damage taking. Back to neutal i go for S CR and 1 ball sets again because there is no need to engage. Lunatic tries to gunflame again although i have countered that the round before at the very same situation. Gunflame after bursting out might be a bad habit or just his go to. Next i can just be defensive and wait for Sol to attack. Lunatic runs in right away and whiffs his 2H (maybe an execution error). Whiff punishing with 2S gets me back on the offensive.
      • At 1.12 i continue pressure by dashing up and doing 2D(1) – P QV – Backdash. That string is a frametrap in between 2D and QV and the backdash serves to keep me safe from VV. Then i go for 6H again which is not a reaction but a read to counter jumping again. K Ball late airdash mixup which hits again because Lunatic tries to get out with a backdash.
      • At 1.17 i back off with a backdash and instant air backdash because i cannot get a clean setup off the backdash hit. Since Sol has little life left at this point i expect yolo specials and bigger risks because that is the only thing that can still turn the match.
      • At 1.19 that is exactly what happens. Lunatic does a fafnir which i can safely avoid and punish because i backed off (and because of yrc slowdown!) immidiately followed by backdash and GV which i cannot not punish but get to trade with my own 2D.
      • After the trade at 1.21 i can safely approach because i recovered quicker and could charge S CR and dash up after it to use the frame advantage. At this i see that Lunatic has one bar of meter left and he has shown in the first round that he is using blitz. The only thing that can stop my S CR here is blitz so i FD break to be safe from charge blitz and blitz – VV. This is again trading immediate pressure and a possible mixup with MS for safety. Throw is an easy and guaranteed punish to regular and charge blitz.

      While i was able to execute my gameplan as described above Lunatic loses because of two major mistakes:
      1. he does not catch on to the fact that i am very focused on stopping his jumps and does not adapt
      2. he does not block for more than 1 or 2 seconds at a time and tries to get out of oki and pressure by nearly every other option the game offers. By doing that he does not even get the chance to look for gaps in my offence which he may use to his advantage
      'They call me 'Jazzboi',
      If you're legit, you'll be spared.
      - I am The Falcon!'

      Mad Dog a.ka. Papariiyarazzi a.k.a Riiya
    • Match 2 Round 1

      • at the start of the next game i go for 2S which beats nearly all of Sol's options and backdash as i see it whiff. Lunatic does a backdash and then dash jumps right away, taking a big risk. Since i have not commited to anything i can easily anti air with 6P.
      • At 1.46 i go for a crossup mixup (thank you 310 and blacksnake) which is not blocked. This goes to show that Lunatic is not familiar with Venom's setplay because this mixup can at least be blocked crossup once seen a few times but can also be jumped out while setting the H ball. Sol decides to burst out right away.
      • After the burst i airdash in because i want to keep my momentum which is risky. Luckily i do not get airthrown or anti aired. As my opponent just waits to likely anti air with 5K i use Mad Struggle to change my jump arc to make it a little harder for him. Lunatic even instant blocks but not the whole move which may have resulted in a throw punish at that hight. So i can stay on the offence. He jumps out of my stinger charge but jumps back so he cannot punish me for it. I dash after him to anti air. I get lucky and hit him grounded and get a full combo.
      • At 1.56 i go for a safejump. S Ball safejump can be blitzed and Lunatic had meter. Maybe having beaten his blitz twice in the last game made him hesitant to use it again or he just didn't know.
      • Then i go for some H CR pressure to stop jumps and BB. Here Lunatic is way too scared and should at least do gunflame seeing my H CR whiff. But in waiting and only whiffing 2D completely out of range he allows me to keep pressuring with S CR next. Here i still try to stop him from jumping by doing 6H again which had hit in a simmilar situation in the first game. I then summon an S Ball and hit it with jP to cover my retreat against jumps and airdashes.
      • Starting at 2.04 i keep setting single balls and retreating to get to a comfortable range. I have a big life lead and can at that point just wait for my opponent to make mistakes. The single balls will keep him moving without me commiting to anything.
      • At 2.08 i place a single ball with QV and back off further to the corner. I do not want to be in the corner so i leave to ball on screen to teleport to it if my opponent gets to close to me. That is a fun situation for Venom players and their opponents because a mindgame about guarding the ball and doing the teleport begins. Lunatic reads my intention but did not stop in a spacing where he can punish me.
      • Next i keep on running away and backing off while trying to cover the ground and air with balls, fS and 6H.
      • At 2.22 Lunatic hits a well timed fafnir and puts me in the corner. He misses his oki then i get away with mindlessly pressing 2H (i have no idea what i tried there or if i just mashed because his spacing looked unsafe). I can charge S CR, dash up und chip him with QV (although Lunatic still has meter)

      Match 2 Round 2

      • at the start off the round i backdash and fish for jumps with 6H yet again. This time Lunatic finally does the right thing by blocking the 6H and punishing the ballset with farnir which sends me flying straight to the corner thanks to CH properties
      • The following oki is not very tight (i get hit mashing again but there is no followup punish) and i can throw him after blocking his jH in air.
      • At 2.49 Lunatic bursts and this time does not do gunflame but smartly dashes foward and FD breaks to assess the situation.
      • Next i try to run and get a better spacing while Lunatic does a good job of persuing me. I do not set many balls here because i am to close to Sol and instead try to use my pokes.
      • At 3.01 i do a bad ball set off of 2S and follow it up by 6H still fishing for jumps. Lunatic has finally caught on in this round a is able to land another CH fafnir which i burst immediately. This would have probably been a good spot to bait the burst but i did not burst last time this happened and Lunatic really needed the corner and damage. That is just a tough call for Sol at this point.
      • After the burst i am at comfortable spacing and just go back to zoning with stinger and low P ball (to cover GV attempts) and wait for a chance to anti air or otherwise react.
      • At 3.07 i go for a K P Setup because it is safe and beats reversal GV and do not even engage. Lunatic again tries to blitz not knowing that blitz loses to this setup. I can instant block the charge blitz and i guess punish with 2D into an RC combo.
      • In the corner i go for one last safe oki with no mixup that my opponent does not block again. At this point he would have needed to use his last meter to avoid chip and find an opening by just blocking.

      Lunatic lost the first round mainly because of character unfamiliarity, not being able to recognize setups and again not blocking. In the second round he adapted to my anti jump game but still took too many risks not blocking and being impatient while i got my run away zoning started.
      'They call me 'Jazzboi',
      If you're legit, you'll be spared.
      - I am The Falcon!'

      Mad Dog a.ka. Papariiyarazzi a.k.a Riiya