[Episode 2: Archive added] USF4: Team I Face Off

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    • [Episode 2: Archive added] USF4: Team I Face Off

      Team I Face Off

      Team I Face Off is a show that was born as a (hopefully) solid way to show off the talents that the european FGC has, and in our opinion aren't enough under the spotlight.
      The show was created by Team Individualists member Gillstolemyride. Team Individualists is a group of players who put much weight on being individual, that is, creating our own styles of play, utilizing all the tools there are, and so on. Two qualities that represents our philosophy are character dedication and originality.

      How are we going to do this?
      We Individualists thought of fighting all you great players in various formats, from a classic 1v1 set to open lobbies, team battles and matchup demonstration set with locked characters. Obviously we're open to suggestions for other game modes and we can work together to make all of this awesome.
      The show is going to run on sundays and our dear MRKingFunk I, Pro Fluke I and Narcissist I will help us stream it.
      When we start, if we want to have a show on the upcoming sunday, we will warn in advance, so we can playtest and organize everything at best.
      If you are a streamer and want to be involved and feel you could help us stream regularly, we don't mind getting help obviously.

      Team Individualists
      Perhaps you already met some of us online.
      IND Arydoon (ADON), IND bladyszy (DEEJAY), IND Despair (MAKOTO), IND Fuimyaya (RYU), IND Gillstolemyride (DUDLEY), IND IncognitusNG (T HAWK), IND Ixion (DAN), IND JeSTeR PoWeR (CHUN LI), IND JMunkholm (GUY), IND June ENG (SAKURA), IND Kwiddo (BISON/ROLENTO), IND Liminality (JURI),IND.MDZ mudi (VIPER), IND.MDZ sBasti (BISON), IND MrKingFunk (ZANGIEF/RUFUS), IND Narcissist (VEGA), IND omh (ONI), IND ostkatten (CODY), IND peqqi (EVIL RYU), IND PL Balrog (BALROG), IND Pro Fluke (EL FUERTE), IND rDubStepper (IBUKI), IND Rothbah (ABEL), IND Samurai Drew 14 (HAKAN), IND SevenDaggers (CODY), IND WarriorBySand (GEN), IND Zangificient (ZANGIEF)

      Team I Face Off Player
      We tried to get the four best European players for each character. This means our list is huge (and almost completed).
      I'll list only a few member to give you some good examples:
      LLL RSD MBR, TR Mac, HOG Popi, ultraquaddy, FuR Valmaster, iplay|TR Sheva, CDV.MCZ Will2pac, VaD En3ru, OrkanOne, Yagami, UFC Mihawk, LordDvD, EsseX The Sinner, ARF Gameinn, Necktikz, Ninja music g, RnK MeKtOuB, Ninja STErcan, GXC Damascus, FFC Fuhajin, Shoryusengan, UFC BaTsu, Papioll, LLL DoomDomain, MD Demulant, UFC Ojisankai, iplay|TR Halibel, RZR|CGProblem X, LLL Emersion, iplay|TR YouGenius, UFC Mahone86
      ... and MANY, MANY more!

      Game Modes
      Endless Lobbies
      Well, the title says it all, we're gonna have open lobbies from time to time ( maybe weekdays and days when we won't have a show planned, the access is gonna be restricted to group members only)

      1v1 Sets
      Might be a "Best of" or a "First to" with a variable number in front (example: best of 3, first to 5 etc.) between 2 players, in a head to head fight.

      Team battles
      Team battles will be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 between you players and Individualists or maybe mixed teams, we will see what's more popular and fun. We can have normal team battles and Kof style ones.

      Matchups Scenario
      We might find a better name for this format, but basically somebody from my team, will fight some of you guys in a short set ,( i'd say maximum FT5) meanwhile he will, via vocal chat, analyze the matchup for the viewers, his character best buttons, possible punishes, specific distances, counterpoking etc.

      Online training lobbies
      If anybody feels like showing off techs, talking about specific situations or continue the discussion started in the matchup scenario in the confort of the training room with a helping sparring partner, we could set this up and let you have fun with it. :)

      Now, obviously these game modes can be expanded, even by making game modes based on the viewer's votes and I already have other stuff in mind!

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      Launch Show: Episode 1 (Complete Stream)
      IND Ixion [DAN] vs BMFN Ghost [HONDA] (FT3 Scenario Matchup)
      IND OMH [ONI] vs ArF Gamein [FEILONG] (FT3 1v1)

      Episode 2 (Complete Stream)
      IND Despair [MAKOTO] vs LLL RSD MBR [AKUMA] (FT3 1v1)

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    • First show will start today 20.7.2014 at 7 PM (CEST) and will go on for 6 hours.
      This show will feature a Open 8 men lobby, first-to-three 1on1 and 3on3 battles and some scenario matchups (see first post).

      Players to expect for the first show: OMH, Ixion, Incognitus, Valmaster, Emersion, MBR, NI Bounze, Ninja Stercan, EssX the Sinner, Fuhajin... and many more!

      Stream: twitch.tv/narcissist_i

      Edit: Archive twitch.tv/narcissist_i/b/549452233

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    • Edit:
      Archive twitch.tv/narcissist_i/b/556641612

      6:00-7:00 PM open lobby
      7:00 - 7:50 PM 1v1 ft5 set
      7:50 to 8:40 PM 1v1 ft5 set
      8:40 to 9:55 PM Old school team battle (endless lobby)
      9:55 to 10:45 Scenario matchup 1v1 ft5
      10:45 to 11:35 Scenario matchup 1v1 ft5

      Non Individualists
      UFC Akainu
      UFC Doflamingo
      UFC Toguroo
      Ninja Ir0ntriggor
      Ninja Raishin
      Titan Schiaccisempre
      Gèrard Perfect

      IND MDZ Mudi
      IND Ixion
      IND Incognitus
      IND OMH
      IND Arydoon

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