Brussels Challenge Major 2019

Freitag, 5. April 2019, 15:16 - Sonntag, 7. April 2019, 21:16

Rue Stroobants 51, 1140 Evere, Belgium

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    russels Challenge Major Edition is back on April 5-7 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels Challenge Major Edition is the biggest fighting game event in Benelux and the first EU major of the season.

    This year we're providing

    - A 800m² venue
    - Part of the Arc Revo World Tour
    - Part of the Capcom Pro Tour
    - Over 150 Setup including a full time free play/casual area.
    - 24/24 Venue, once Brussels major edition start, it stays open till the closing ceremony is over.
    - Multiple Streams and Stage to ensure all tournaments are being streamed and get main stage/big screen time
    - On site catering

    Regular Venue Pass : 30€ for any registration between February 15th and March 25th

    Late bird Venue Pass : 35€ for any registration BEFORE 2nd of April

    **WIP Schedule**
    - Friday : Venue opens 3PM, team tournaments start at 6PM
    - Saturday : first tournaments start at 10AM
    - Sun only games : TEKKEN DBFZ

    For more updates please follow @ccl085 on Twitter