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Registrierungsdatum: 9. Januar 2006

XBOX Live ID (XBL ID): SinJul

Steam ID: CoL_WBV

Wohnort: 36199/60388 RoF/FFM

Beruf: Student

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Montag, 2. Februar 2009, 15:20

Multi-Console Cthulhu PCB (PSX,PS3,Xbox,GC)


News on the Multi-Console Cthulhu front.

I finally figured out how to get the bootloader and program code together in one burnable .hex file. What this means I can finally offer upgrade chips and unassembled kits that already have good running code on them. I also have the PSX detection working. Gamecube and Xbox support are in, but require you to hold right or left (respectively) when plugging in; I'll have them autodetected as soon as possible.

Upgrade chips, unassembled kits, and full boards all come with 4x diodes to put in place. More information on this shortly. The diodes aren't really required, but help prevent stupid mistakes if you try to plug it into more than one console. The Playstation may require a different diode; I'll be looking into that tomorrow.

So, upgrade chips and unassembled kits are available.
Multi-console upgrade chip: $12
Unassembled kit : $25
Optional USB jack for kit: $3
Optional screw terminals for kit: $8
Fully assembled MC Cthulhu board*: $45

Shipping is a flat $5 for the continental US, $11 to Canada/Mexico, $13 everywhere else. If your order is huge and requires more than a small flat rate priority box, I'll let you know and give a better price on shipping, but I should be able to squeeze 10 boards into one box so I doubt this will happen much.

Fully assembled boards come with a free custom USB string as a perk for early adopters. I'd love to do the same with upgrade chips and kits, but I just can't technically do it.

I have PSX, GC, and Xbox extension cables en route. They're $5 each, and if you get an assembled board, another $5 if you'd like for me to install them and test them out. The nice thing about these is that each is identical and from the same manufacturer, so I'll be able to put up instructions like "red wire here, green wire here, black wire here, done." for installing them along with pictures. However, there is no requirement to get these from me. If you can pin out which wire goes to what pin on the console end, you can still follow the directions without problem.

Yes, again, PSX support appears to work well with converters. I can't say it works with every, but it does work with every one I own, including Pelican (PS3) and Innovation (Dreamcast) converters. It should work 100% on any converter that works with a digital PSX pad and/or Hori Playstation stick. But as always, *should*. I'm looking forward to more feedback on this, hopefully to get going a list of what does and doesn't work. But for me, the Innovation is the important one.

Expect updates over the week with directions for installing cables, pictures, instructables, and all of the normal good stuff you're used to.

Let me know if there are any questions.


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Montag, 2. Februar 2009, 15:50

Ich denke er (Toodles) wird die xbox 360 weder im Cthulhu noch im UPCB unterstützen, solange die Security Erkennung der Pads nicht gehackt wurde. Das UPCB bietet wenigstens eine Piggyback Option. Hier im Forum gibt es jemaden, den ich habe einen xbox360 padhack gemacht. Dieser Padhack wurde mit Cthulhu zu einem Dual PCB Setup verbunden. Probleme gab es nur mit dem USB Kabel. Mein letzter Stand war, dass für die xbox360 und für die PS3 jeweils ein USB Anschluß vorhanden sein musste. Das sollte sich aber lösen lassen. Wer also nach einem Setup sucht, dass viele Konsolen unterstützt, dass sind das UPCB oder das Cthulhu plus xbox360 padhack Mittel der Wahl.